Jun 08

Redstone Science Fiction is calling for contest submissions that incorporate the values discussed in the essay The Future Imperfect by Sarah Einstein.

What does a world, or space station, or whatever look like when it has been designed to be accessible to everyone and how would people live together there?

The submissions should portray disability as a simple fact, not as something to be overcome or something to explain why a character is evil. The submissions should also incorporate the portrayal of disability in a world where universal access is a shared cultural value.

The story chosen by Sarah Einstein and our editors will be published in our September issue.

The contest will be open from June 15th until August 15th.
The maximum word limit will be 5000 words.
The winner will be awarded $300 (at least 6 cents/word).

Thanks to Mark Siegel of The 19th Floor for the tip.

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