Jun 10

Matterhorn, written by a Marine veteran of Vietnam over the course of thirty years, is a remarkable literary discovery–a powerful and timeless saga of men in combat. In the monsoon season of 1968-69 at a fire support base called Matterhorn, located in the remote mountains of Vietnam, a young and ambitious Marine lieutenant wants to command a company to further his civilian political ambitions. Two people stand in his way. The first is a well-loved, combat-weary… More >>

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

May 16

Product Description
Lord Chatterley comes home to England from the First World War in a wheelchair. Unable to fully function as a man, his new bride is far from satisfied. The maid helps her out by making discreet introductions to the locals. Appearances are important. Every effort is made to maintain the manor in keeping with English tradition. What goes on at night in the village between Lady Chatterley and her lovers is nobody’s business. Such things were not topics for discussion i… More >>

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

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