Sep 09

Assessment of Exceptional Students, Sixth Edition, offers a practical approach that emphasizes how both informal and formal procedures fit into the overall assessment process….

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Jun 03

Individual Bookshare members in grades K-12 that read books about the 50 U.S. states can enter to win a number of cool prizes, including an iPod Nano or a Victor Reader Stream. Visit for more information.

May 22

Key Benefit: This book is a pragmatic, comprehensive book on the assessment of exceptional students. It covers historical, legal and philosophical issues and concerns. Key Topics: Covers both formal (norm-referenced) and informal (CRT, CBA, observation, portfolio) assessment. Includes a summary matrix at the end of each chapter that allows for comparison of specific instruments and techniques. Contains case studies that assess both a student with a mild disability and a student with a severe disability. Integrates overview boxes that summarize age range, technical adequacy and suggested use for each test. Market: For professionals dealing with the assessment of exceptional students. More >>

Assessment of Exceptional Students: Educational and Psychological Procedures

May 18

Includes 17 competencies/skills found on the CST Students with Disabilities test and 478 sample-test questions. This guide, aligned specifically to standards prescribed by the New York Department of Education, covers the sub-areas of Understanding and Evaluating Students with Disabilities; Promoting Student Learning and Development in a Collaborative Learning Community; and Working in a Collaborative Professional Environment…. More >>

Nystce Cst Students with Disabilities 060

May 17

A comprehensive, step-by-step, guide to 109 of the most commonly used intellectual, achievement, perceptual, and language tests used in special education as well as rating and adaptive behavior scales. Includes descriptions for each test and subtest, scoring, strengths and weakness. Shows how to interpret test scores for student IEPs in order to plan appropriate remedial instruction…. More >>

Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs

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