Sep 27

This book effectively describes an interactive teaming model that focuses on consultation and collaboration to improve the services offered to students with special needs. The model incorporates essential elements of total quality efforts, adult learning theories, and recognizing the importance of sensitivity to cultural differences. The authors clearly explain the underlying theories and legal requirements of such service delivery systems and offer practical examples to bridge theory and pract…

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Sep 24

Children with disabilities require significant support and informed teachers to succeed. These ideas, strategies, and resources provide the means to truly meet the learning needs and preferences of the classroom. In addition, this book can help special education classrooms have success in reading and writing! This book includes variations for students with disabilities along with commonly asked questions that will help teachers be successful. Supports the Four-Blocks® Literacy Model….

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Sep 07

This updated edition of Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities, is written in a way that makes the most complex findings of research understandable and usable in the real educational world. Drawing on their own experiences, the authors bring a level of currency and reality to the book that is unparalleled. This book offers comprehensive coverage of all of the issues that are pertinent to teaching students with severe disabilities.  The authors clearly and completely address both methodology…

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Aug 11

The world of adapted physical education and sport continues to undergo both legislative and practical changes. Those who want to stay abreast of those changes and provide people with disabilities the best physical education and sport experiences possible will benefit from Adapted Physical Education and Sport, Fourth Edition. Specifically, the book helps teachers fulfill these requirements: • Provide education compatible with the definition of special education • Identify the unique need…

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Jul 13

The Special Educator’s Survival Guide (J-B Ed: Survival Guides)

Written for educators who work with special children and teens, this second edition of a best-selling classic offers a practical guide to every facet of the special education teacher’s job, from teaching in a self-contained classroom or resource room to serving on a multidisciplinary team. This easy-to-follow format takes you step by step through the various stages required to understand the referral process, parent intakes and conferences, evaluation, interpretation, diagnosis, remediation, p

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