Sep 24

Children with disabilities require significant support and informed teachers to succeed. These ideas, strategies, and resources provide the means to truly meet the learning needs and preferences of the classroom. In addition, this book can help special education classrooms have success in reading and writing! This book includes variations for students with disabilities along with commonly asked questions that will help teachers be successful. Supports the Four-BlocksĀ® Literacy Model….

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Jun 28

This first-of-its-kind text connects theories and research with classroom practice to provide a comprehensive and balanced view of reading and deafness that addresses a broad scope of literacy concepts. An excellent classroom resource, the text offers current and future deaf educators with research-based reading instructional practices and techniques for implementing these strategies with students…. More >>

Reading and Deafness: Theory, Research, and Practice

May 10

Product Description
This guide includes assessment techniques, instructional tips, and practical strategies to determine whether reading difficulties in ELLs are related to language acquisition or to learning disabilities…. More >>

Why Do English Language Learners Struggle With Reading?: Distinguishing Language Acquisition From Learning Disabilities

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