Jun 10

This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the major psychological, social, and educational issues affecting the lives of children, adolescents, and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, and their families. Psychological, Social, and Educational Dimensions of Deafness presents an inclusive description of current research and practice that is complemented by the voices of individuals through personal essays that highlight and illustrate significant c… More >>

Psychological, Social, and Educational Dimensions of Deafness

May 22

This retitled new edition places emphasis on the illness as well as the disability trajectory and its impact on an individual’s well being. It also highlights the personal perspectives or stories of those faced with the many demands of living with a disability which adds to the books uniqueness. Perspectives that build a bridge between the documented research results or varying models of understanding disability and the realities that are ever-present when cop… More >>

The Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability: 5th Edition

May 22

Key Benefit: This book is a pragmatic, comprehensive book on the assessment of exceptional students. It covers historical, legal and philosophical issues and concerns. Key Topics: Covers both formal (norm-referenced) and informal (CRT, CBA, observation, portfolio) assessment. Includes a summary matrix at the end of each chapter that allows for comparison of specific instruments and techniques. Contains case studies that assess both a student with a mild disability and a student with a severe disability. Integrates overview boxes that summarize age range, technical adequacy and suggested use for each test. Market: For professionals dealing with the assessment of exceptional students. More >>

Assessment of Exceptional Students: Educational and Psychological Procedures

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