May 29

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s proposed budget cuts state funding to libraries by a staggering 74%, eliminating everything from Internet access and electronic journals, inter-library loans, and The New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center.

The so called “Talking Book” program (which is directed and administered by the United States Library of Congress) has been recording and distributing books for the blind since the great depression and they have done so with remarkable professionalism and devotion. Recorded books for blind and physically disabled readers are not your average commercial audio books. They are recorded and developed in ways that allow blind readers to access the same books you might read in your public library and in effect this service makes it possible for borrowers to read far more printed material than one might find in the audio books section of your local Barnes and Noble.

(via Planet of the Blind)

Visit The New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center or Save My NJ Library.

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