Jun 17

In 2006 Philadelphia, graduate student Jonathan Love sued the organization that publishes the Law School Admissions Test. Love had attained average scores on the test, but claimed he should have been given extra time because he qualified as a person with a disability – and allowances provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act – due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The case, which drew in author psychologist Michael Gordon as an expert witness for th… More >>

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ADHD on Trial: Courtroom Clashes over the Meaning of Disability

May 06

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Win Your Social Security Disability Case provides step-by-step information to successfully obtain and keep receiving Social Security Disability benefits. All the necessary forms and sample letters required to appeal an unfavorable decision will be provided, along with over 30 medical questionnaires that will assist the treating doctor to establish that his or her patient is disabled. Topics to be discussed include: -Defining Social Security disability -Filing the i… More >>

Win Your Social Security Disability Case

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