Jun 26

The Fourth Edition of Language and Deafness covers language and literacy development from preschool through adolescence. It provides a clear depiction of the language/communication systems of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children and adolescents, and offers a comprehensive discussion of the current theories of language acquisition. In an easy-to-read, accessible manner, students will learn the basics of language development and the relationship between language and co… More >>

Language and Deafness

Jun 12

No description available… More >>

The Connections Between Language and Reading Disabilities

Jun 09

Based on the authors’ model of auditory, speech, and language development, the book provides educators with effective techniques and strategies for working with children in the primary grades…. More >>

Helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students to Use Spoken Language: A Guide for Educators and Families

Jun 08

This book provides pre- and in-service teachers with information on the ability of schools to include and treat students with speech, language, and hearing problems, and on the role the teacher should play in this process. The newest edition of Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders provides information regarding speech, language, and hearing disorders that is essential knowledge for both future and in-service teachers. This book provides answer… More >>

Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders: A Guide for the Teacher

May 31

Language in Thought and Action

Posted by Soliloquy in Braille

For over 50 years, LANGUAGE IN THOUGHT AND ACTION has examined language through the lens of modern semantics. With an understanding of the roles and different uses of language, one can better communicate with those around them. Like the first edition, LANGUAGE IN THOUGHT AND ACTION uses poignant and relevant examples to better explain the subtleties and nuances of language…. More >>

Language in Thought and Action

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