Jun 10

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism describes scripts that parents and teachers can use to help children learn to initiate conversation, thereby improving communication. Drs. McClannahan and Krantz—authors of Activity Schedules for Children with Autism—have successfully used scripts and script-fading techniques based on their clinical observations and research, and founded on applied behavior analysis principles. The authors begin b… More >>

Teaching Conversation to Children With Autism: Scripts And Script Fading

May 29

Development and Disability

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Text was previously titled Development and Handicap, c1987. Includes discussions on blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, and autism in children. Provides background information and focuses on the motor skills, cognition, social and emotional skills, and communication for children with each disability. Previous edition: 1987. Softcover. … More >>

Development and Disability

May 24

In the US today, there is a strong impetus towards educating children with various disabilities in mainstream settings rather than in isolated schools or classrooms. The inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing children in mainstream settings has added new challenges to clinicians whose caseload in the past would likely not have included these children. Few professional training programs offer more than basic information about working with students with hearing loss…. More >>

Enhancing Communication Skills of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in the Mainstream

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