Jul 09

This practical textbook covers a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities that can occur together with visual impairment, including learning disabilities and emotional and behavior problems. ‘… More >>

Educating Students Who Have Visual Impairments With Other Disabilities

May 13

Product Description
Two reasons educators want to implement this book’s Building Blocks model in their classroom: They’ll have an innovative framework to help them understand the reasons why students in K-12 struggle. They’ll have the proven strategies to help students learn. The Building Blocks model is practical, supported by research, and easy to implement. It identifies ten areas important to school success (the building blocks), divided into three levels: the foundational level in… More >>

Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors: A Guide to Intervention & Classroom Management

May 10

This highly successful book addresses the full range of curriculum topics involved in educating individuals with severe disabilities. Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities examines the principles behind teaching students with severe and multiple disabilities.  This edition includes more information on alternative assessment, a stronger focus on positive behavior interventions and supports, and additional strategies on peer relationships…. More >>

Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities

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