Sep 09

Assessment of Exceptional Students, Sixth Edition, offers a practical approach that emphasizes how both informal and formal procedures fit into the overall assessment process….

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Jun 13

A unique book focusing on assessment for the purpose of planning effective intervention programs, this book carefully and thoroughly examines assessment issues, considerations, and procedures that can help pinpoint intervention needs, and thus lead to more effective service. It presents fundamentals common to all assessment, as well as those specific to the assessment of young children. A focus on assessment of family concerns, resources, and prio… More >>

Assessing Infants and Preschoolers with Special Needs

Jun 12

Cases in Special Education Assessment enhances any traditional assessment text by bridging the gap between learning how to administer tests in an assessment course and understanding the practical aspects of administering assessments to a real child in a school. This casebook goes beyond providing the student with the technical “know-how” to administer and interpret a particular test by providing a much-needed context for the factors taken into considerations in… More >>

Case Studies in Assessment of Students with Disabilities

May 22

Key Benefit: This book is a pragmatic, comprehensive book on the assessment of exceptional students. It covers historical, legal and philosophical issues and concerns. Key Topics: Covers both formal (norm-referenced) and informal (CRT, CBA, observation, portfolio) assessment. Includes a summary matrix at the end of each chapter that allows for comparison of specific instruments and techniques. Contains case studies that assess both a student with a mild disability and a student with a severe disability. Integrates overview boxes that summarize age range, technical adequacy and suggested use for each test. Market: For professionals dealing with the assessment of exceptional students. More >>

Assessment of Exceptional Students: Educational and Psychological Procedures

May 08

This timely volume provides a complete guide to designing and implementing personalized curricula for K-12 students with moderate and severe disabilities. The author delineates a comprehensive assessment model that provides a framework for pinpointing educational priorities, planning instruction in specific areas, and evaluating student progress. Emphasizing the values of self-determination, family-centered planning, multicultural awareness, and educational a… More >>

Curriculum and Assessment for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

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