Sep 29

Easy, inexpensive ways to adapt your classroom to meet the needs of all children….

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Sep 27

This book effectively describes an interactive teaming model that focuses on consultation and collaboration to improve the services offered to students with special needs. The model incorporates essential elements of total quality efforts, adult learning theories, and recognizing the importance of sensitivity to cultural differences. The authors clearly explain the underlying theories and legal requirements of such service delivery systems and offer practical examples to bridge theory and pract…

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Sep 24

Children with disabilities require significant support and informed teachers to succeed. These ideas, strategies, and resources provide the means to truly meet the learning needs and preferences of the classroom. In addition, this book can help special education classrooms have success in reading and writing! This book includes variations for students with disabilities along with commonly asked questions that will help teachers be successful. Supports the Four-Blocks® Literacy Model….

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Sep 23

In this work, Sacks explores all facets of the deaf world–he meets with deaf people and their families and visits schools for the deaf, spending a good deal of time at Gallaudet University. As he writes, “I had now to see them in a new, ‘ethnic light,’ as people with a distinctive language, sensibility, and culture of their own.”

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Sep 20

What happens when love is no longer enough? Jane Bernstein thought that learning to accept her daughter’s disabilities meant her struggles were over. But as Rachel grew up and needed more than a parent’s devotion, both mother and daughter were confronted with formidable obstacles. Rachel in the World, which begins in Rachel’s fifth year and ends when she turns twenty-two, tells of their barriers and successes with the same honesty and humor that made Loving Rachel, Bernstein’s first memo…

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