May 29

The world of adapted physical education and sport continues to undergo both legislative and practical changes. Those who want to stay abreast of those changes and provide people with disabilities the best physical education and sport experiences possible will benefit from Adapted Physical Education and Sport, Fourth Edition. Specifically, the book helps teachers fulfill these requirements: • Provide education compatible with the definition of special education… More >>

Adapted Physical Education and Sport – 4th Edition

May 26

This program reports on creative technologies that are being used to help people with autism, traumatic brain injuries, and learning and speech disabilities. Temple Grandin, the autistic woman with a Ph.D. in animal science, explains her “squeeze machine” which uses deep pressure therapy to help ease the hyperacute sensory dysfunction that often accompanies autism. Renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks shares his views on how people with autism can find meaning in their… More >>

Breaking the Silence Barrier – Technologies to Help Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Learning and Speech Disabilities

May 22

Clinical research on the nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) group of disorders, for psychologists and neuropsychologists. Uses the author’s white matter model to examine this group of diseases and disorders. … More >>

Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Neurodevelopmental Manifestations

May 22

This retitled new edition places emphasis on the illness as well as the disability trajectory and its impact on an individual’s well being. It also highlights the personal perspectives or stories of those faced with the many demands of living with a disability which adds to the books uniqueness. Perspectives that build a bridge between the documented research results or varying models of understanding disability and the realities that are ever-present when cop… More >>

The Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability: 5th Edition

May 21

This much anticipated Fourth Edition is the most current text available for preparing students for work in the area of audiologic rehabilitation. This highly regarded text has been extensively updated and revised. The text begins with eight chapters introducing the fundamentals-amplification, including cochlear implants, auditory and visual stimuli, speech and language, and educational and psychosocial issues. Two comprehensive methods and procedures chapters follow… More >>

Introduction to Audiologic Rehabilitation

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