Jun 13

Theories of social justice are necessarily abstract, reaching beyond the particular and the immediate to the general and the timeless. Yet such theories, addressing the world and its problems, must respond to the real and changing dilemmas of the day. A brilliant work of practical philosophy, Frontiers of Justice is dedicated to this proposition. Taking up three urgent problems of social justice neglected by current theories and thus harder to tackle in practical … More >>

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Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership

Jun 07

In this comprehensive and engrossing study, three distinguished scholars of Deaf culture—one hearing, one deaf, and one coda (child of deaf adults)—offer clear, penetrating insights into the existence and makeup of the deaf world, the community whose natural language—American Sign Language in the United States—is manual and visual. Bringing the latest social and cultural findings and theories into sharp focus, the authors take us on a fascinating journey to … More >>

A Journey into the Deaf-World

Jun 06

An 83-page manual, plus a supplement, that explains in lay terms what businesses and non-profit agencies must do to ensure access to their goods, services, and facilities. Many examples are provided for practical guidance…. More >>

Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance Manual

Jun 05


Jun 05

Sharon A. Christie is an attorney and nurse… an advocate for the disabled in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits and an advocate for patients and families in cases of serious personal injury.

Sharon worked as a nurse in both acute and long-term care settings prior to attending law school. In 1986, she graduated magna cum laude from The University of Notre Dame Law School. She has practiced law since that time and is licensed in Maryland and the Di… More >>

Sharon Christies Unoffical Guide to Social Security Disability Claims

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