Jun 25

Stephen Kuusisto, an American, has been almost completely blind since a post-natal operation severely damaged his retinas. In this autobiography he tells of the years of lonely childhood spent behind bottle-lens glasses, the struggle through high school and college, and first love and sex. Derided by classmates, his parents pretending that nothing was wrong, he stumbled through life enraged and mortified. Only when a five-year-old labrador entered his life did he be… More >>

Planet of the Blind

Jun 20

1911. With Helen Keller’s letters of 1887-1901 and a supplementary account of her education, including passages from the reports and letters of her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan. This book is divided into three parts. The first two, Helen Keller’s story and the extracts from her letters, form a complete account of her life as far as she can give it. She cannot explain much of her education, and since a knowledge of that is necessary to an understanding of what sh… More >>

Story of My Life

Jun 06

At the age of fifteen, Jennifer Rothschild confronted two unshakable realities: Blindness is inevitable … and God is enough. Now this popular author, speaker, and recording artist offers poignant lessons that illuminate a path to freedom and fulfillment. With warmth, humor, and insight,Jennifer shares the guiding principles she walks by — and shows you how to walk forward by faith into God’s marvelous light…. More >>

Lessons I Learned in the Dark: Steps to Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Jun 05

The newly revised and expanded edition of Children with Visual Impairments is an essential resource for parents of children who are blind, legally blind, or have low vision. Written by an expert team of professionals and parents, it is filled with jargon-free, compassionate information and advice on raising children with visual impairments from birth to age seven, making it the most comprehensive resource of its kind. Chapters cover: What Is Visu… More >>

Children With Visual Impairments: A Guide for Parents

Jun 01

This book provides a comprehensive overview of vision problems in children with developmental disabilities such as, AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, and specific learning disabilities. Written in a very accessible style, it is appropriate for parents and professionals alike and offers non-technical explanations of how vision difficulties are screened for and advice on where to seek appropriate professional care. Lisa Kurtz outlines a range of activities for strengt… More >>

Visual Perception Problems in Children With AD/HD, Autism, And Other Learning Disabilities

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