May 23

One of the “hundred most important books of the twentieth century” (New York Public Library), finally published in complete form. The story of Helen Keller, the young girl who triumphed over deafness and blindness, has been indelibly marked into our cultural consciousness. That triumph, shared with her teacher Anne Sullivan, has been further popularized by the play and movie The Miracle Worker. Yet the astonishing original version of Keller’s and Sullivan’s story… More >>

The Story of My Life: The Restored Classic, Complete and Unabridged, Centennial Edition

May 22

Clinical research on the nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) group of disorders, for psychologists and neuropsychologists. Uses the author’s white matter model to examine this group of diseases and disorders. … More >>

Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Neurodevelopmental Manifestations

May 22

Does your child have trouble speaking or listening? This fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide explains what you can do to help Have you noticed that your child has difficulty getting the right words out, following directions, or being understood? If so, speech-language pathologist Patricia Hamaguchi –who has been helping children overcome problems like these for more than twenty years–has now revised and updated her highly effective… More >>

Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know

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