Jun 21

Learning Disability

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This is a comprehensive, well written and highly informative book that explores, identifies and addresses many of the issues that affect the lives of people with learning disabilities and their family. The book covers many topical and important subjects that are extremely relevant and appropriate to my students’ course work. More >>

Learning Disability

Jun 20

This book was written for sociologists concerned with education, but should be read by anyone interested in learning disability as a concept, either from a practical or theoretical standpoint. It is especially recommended for special educators and other professionals concerned with children who experience difficulties in school learning, as well as for the parents of such children. . . . Carrier has written an intelligent, well-documented, and important book that s… More >>

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Learning Disability: Social Class and the Construction of Inequality in American Education

Jun 16

Discover how to recognize if your child really has a learning disability… as well as strategies to combat them and unleash their full potential!

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Breaking Through Learning Disabilities

Jun 13

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Music Therapy with Adults with Learning Disabilities

Jun 11

This practical guide is essential reading for both professionals and families of infants and toddlers with, or at risk for, developmental delays or disabilities. The Early Intervention Guidebook shows what early intervention looks like when it is based on current research, policies, and best practices. It focuses on how families and professionals can collaborate effectively so that young children learn, grow, and thrive. Chapters addresses important concepts of earl… More >>

The Early Intervention Guidebook for Families and Professionals: Partnering for Success

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