Jul 29

This revised edition¬†about Alex, a child with learning disabilities, has been updated with completely new illustrations and reflects the use of the latest tactile techniques used in schools. In this story, Alex is inventing a cookie snatcher, but his lack of reading skills and impatience means that he needs extra help. There are new discussion starters for parents and professionals, and positive solutions are presented to¬†help build a positive image for the learning-disabled child….

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Jul 18

Studio: Pbs Release Date: 05/06/2009 Run time: 70 minutes

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Jul 11

This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with dyspraxic and DCD children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Lists cover the entire school age range and range from developing fine and gross motor skills to preparing children for their next transition either to the next stage of schooling or for their future careers…. More >>

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD

Jul 11

Essential to the treatment of learning and behavioral disabilities is an understanding of the cognitive processes brought into play in educational contexts, how they contribute to problems in learning and behavior, and how these processes might be ameliorated. Equally important is a careful consideration of the setting in which learning takes place, and how it ameliorates, or contributes to, learning and behavioral disorders. In this volume, the role of cognition in… More >>

Cognition and Learning in Diverse Settings, Volume 18

Jul 09

This practical textbook covers a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities that can occur together with visual impairment, including learning disabilities and emotional and behavior problems. ‘… More >>

Educating Students Who Have Visual Impairments With Other Disabilities

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