Jun 29

A Guide To Learning Disability

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The number of children with learning disabilities is soaring and most of these children are suffering at the hands of so-called experts producing diagnosis to gain profit.
Although there are experts with real concerns, many are searching for their own power.
Learning disabilities, extend to disorders, mental illness, behavior problems and so forth.
To understand disabilities in learning, one must research the marketplace to read all the information provided… More >>

A Guide To Learning Disability

Jun 28

Univ. of Rochester, NY. Text is the third in a series with the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities. Provides practical information for those involved with the support, care, and treatment of those with intellectual disabilities as they grow older. Covers psycho-social and psychiatric conditions. Softcover…. More >>

Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and the Aging Process

Jun 27

Disability policy has become an increasingly important issue in countries around the world. More and more, as populations are exposed to war and civil conflicts, natural disasters, environmental poisons along with the effects of normal aging, accidents and poverty, disability has become a growing public health and civil rights problem. In order to develop reasonable policy solutions, countries need accurate, reliable estimates of the size and make up of their di… More >>

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International Views on Disability Measures, Volume 4: Moving Toward Comparative Measurement

Jun 26

Sometimes it feels as if the only thing that purchasing insurance actually ensures is that one will eventually have an unpleasant dispute with the insurer over payment on a claim. from Judge Richard D. Cudahy of the 7th Circuit: Great West Casualty Co. v. National Casualty Co., 385 F.3d 1094 (7th Cir. 2004). A hyperbolic wag is reputed to have said that E.R.I.S.A. stands for Everything Ridiculous Imagined Since Adam. . . . [T]his court is willing to believe that ERI… More >>

Robbery Without a Gun: Why Your Employer’s Long-Term Disability Policy May Be a Sham

Jun 25

Education systems in developed countries have come to prioritise the raising of standards, while also pursuing some degree of social inclusion and inclusive schooling. However, these policies represent different and often conflicting values and approaches to education. Central to these moves has been the specific thrust to include more students with disabilities and special educational needs within general rather than specialist education. The basic dilemma is whether to recognise or not to recognise differences because either way there are negative implications associated with stigma, devaluation, rejection or denial of relevant opportunities. The dilemmas of difference relevant to children with disabilities are about: identification – whether to identify and how or not curriculum – how much of a common curriculum is relevant to them placement – to what extent they learn in ordinary/general schools and classes ornot. Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion and Disability integrates recent empirical research and includes an international case study that examines the perspectives of education practitioners and policy makers in specific school systems in the UK, USA and the Netherlands.

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Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion and Disability; International Perspectives and Future Directions

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