Jul 02

In this thought-provoking book, Jan Walmsley and Kelley Johnson discuss participative approaches to research and provide an up-to-date account of inclusive practice with individuals with learning disabilities. Drawing on evidence from two major studies, they explain how lessons learnt from inclusive research in the learning disability field are applicable to others working with marginalized groups. The authors examine the origins and the process of inclusive researc… More >>

Inclusive Research With People With Learning Disabilities: Past, Present, and Futures

Jul 01

Reviews the goals and effectiveness of current policies for compensating veterans with military-related disabilities…. More >>

An Analysis of Military Disability Compensation

Jul 01

This book provides an informed explanation of Section 504, the IDEA, their regulations, and the cases that they have generated. The book examines the substantive and procedural requirements that Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) place on educators in non-public schools…. More >>

The Law of Special Education and Non-Public Schools: Major Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Youth with Disabilities

Jun 30

Sensory impairment and physical disability cover a range of conditions that cause learning difficulties for children. Often, these conditions may be associated with behavioral, emotional and social difficulties. Teachers are likely to have to deal with anything from mild to severe cases, and need to be equipped with informed and practical strategies for the inclusion of children with sensory impairment and physical disability.

The Effective Teachers’ Guide … More >>

The Effective Teacher’s Guide to Sensory Impairment and Physical Disability

Jun 29

This newly revised edition answers the most commonly asked questions about Social Security in a clear question and answer format, explaining basic procedures and answering other frequently asked questions…. More >>

About Your Social Security Disability: 114 Questions and Answers

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