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Treating Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Clinical Research and Practice

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Grounded in current best practices, this unique volume describes how to intervene effectively to promote the optimal health and functioning of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Leading scientist-practitioners discuss the psychosocial aspects of a range of acquired and congenital disorders and how they can be targeted in assessment and treatment. Presented are innovative approaches to managing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges; enhancing pa… More >>

Treating Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Clinical Research and Practice

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  • Knowledgeably co-edited and authored by the team of Janet E. Farmer (Department of Health Psychology, University of Missouri, Columbia), Jacobus Donders (Psychology Service, Mary Free Bed Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan), and Seth Warschausky (Department of Physical Medications and Rehabilitation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Treating Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Clinical Research And Practice is a scholarly collective presentation of in-depth discussions, observations, studies, and research in understanding of neurologically inclined disorders and dysfunctions. As modern sciences and neurological studies trace along an ultimately greater understanding of the brain’s physiological and neurological processes, Treating Neurodevelopmental Disabilities informs the reader of the significant benefits which neurosynergenic procedures may effectively treat and aide young victims of neurodevelopmental disabilities. Treating Neurodevelopmental Disabilities is very strongly recommended reading for all students of the psychological, neurological, and anatomical sciences, as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and academicians searching for a greater understanding of the practical application of modern innovative scientific discoveries in the field of developmental neurology.

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