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The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story

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Life as Kim and Krickitt Carpenter knew it was shattered beyond recognition on November 24, 1993, two months after their marriage, when their Ford Escort was hit from behind by a fast-moving truck. A massive head injury left Krickitt in a coma for weeks. When she finally emerged from the coma, she recognized her parents and everyone else-but she didn’t know Kim. She had no idea who he was. The “Krickitt” Kim had married essentially died in the accident. The Vow is… More >>

The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story

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  • The Vow is one of the most amazing TRUE love stories that I have ever read. In our disposable society today, it is so refreshing to read about true love, faith, and commitment.

    Kim Carpenter’s wife, Krickitt, was not expected to survive massive head injuries sustained from a head on collision with a truck. Miraculously and against all odds, she did survive. Her faith in God, along with the unrelenting adoration and help of her husband and family (and of course all of the doctors!) helped pull Krickitt back into a functioning world. Unfortunately, Krickitt lost all memory of her brief marriage, engagement and courtship with her husband. Kim held on steadfast to his marriage vows and never, never gave up, despite the unsurmounting odds of their marriage ever surviving such tragedies.

    It is so humbling to read of their devout faith in God, which pulled them both through some incredible life challenges, if not providing miracles in their lives, time and time again. Kim’s heartfelt love for Krickitt comes through strongly and I do so admire his integrity, his devotion and the love he has for his wife. This story is a huge testament to the power and bond of love and marriage. I do believe that many men in his position would have walked out and not stood by Krickitt’s side.

    The Carpenters renewed their wedding vows for a second time, as Kim had to woo Krickitt all over again, as she had no memory of her husband at all. Their lives will no longer be what it was before the accident and Krickett is not the same person she was before, as is Kim. Both have grown and both have a deeper commitment and love for one another.

    Living a nightmare in every conceivable way, the Carpenter’s faith in God gave them the strength and will to persevere. God often gives us challenges in life and we do not understand why, and only later do the “lessons” or the meaning of all become clear to us. The messages imparted in this heart-felt story will hopefully ignite the love shared in all marriages and to help to heal those marriages in trouble and cement even further those solid marriages.

    This story will have you crying and cheering as well as have you questioning what is “really” important in our lives and how faith in God can pull us through even the darkest nightmares. Love and undying faith is what it is all about!

    Kim Carpenter you are one heck of a guy – the world needs more guys like you! Thank you both for a wonderful book – I recommend everyone read this book, especially couples that are engaged.

  • This book is one of the best ever written. It is so well put together and easy to read. You won’t be able to put it down once you start it. It is awesome and is headed to the best seller list. What a wonderful story.

  • Imagine being young and in love, newly married with an exciting life before you when suddenly in a matter of seconds your future is shattered before your eyes. This book poignantly describes how Kim Carpenter feels as he emerges from a car accident slightly injured and discovers that his bride is near death. His life and happiness flashes before his eyes. The prognosis for Krickett Carpenter’s survival is less than 1%, but miraculously she survives. When Krickett eventually awakens from her coma, her adoring husband, Kim, and her family is waiting anxiously by her side. The nurse begins asking the young woman questions . . .what is your name . . what’s your husband’s name? “I don’t have a husband,” she replied. Everyone thinks the young woman known for her wit is joking but then it becomes apparent that Krickett has no memory of her life the past couple of years including her husband and her marriage. This wonderful story beautifully told by the Carpenters with writer, John Perry, describes Krickett’s journey back to her former life, part of which she has no memory. Not only does she not remember her husband, but she dislikes him intensely and doesn’t want him near her. Through her brain injuries Krickett, a fun-loving laid back young woman now exhibits an intense anxious personality with a short fuse. Not only is Kim Carpenter dealing with a wife that doesn’t remember him, but she is a different woman. Most men would have walked away at her insistence, but Kim Carpenter was a man of great faith and integrity. He had taken a vow so he was determined to win back his wife who is now a perfect stranger with a different personality. Read this unbelievable saga of a couple who took their marriage vows seriously and find the love; not the same love that they once knew but a deeper one that enables them not only to survive Krickett’s accident, but their marriage. Fortuantely, Krickett is also willing to try it make the marriage work figuring she must have loved this stranger at one time and they seek counseling. A wise counselor recommends that Kim woo his wife back and they begin courting and get to know one another all over again. Ultimately after his second romantic proposal they are married again. This is an extraordinary couple from whom we all learn the true meaning of love, faith in God and commitment to the marriage vow. In this era when marriages are so easily broken, reading this story can strengthen one’s own belief in the sanctity of the vow we take on our wedding day. I believe this book will inspire the marriages of all those who read this miraculous story about this remarkable couple. With God’s ever present help, this couple lived through “sickness and health, for better for worse and as long as we both shall live!” You must read this book!

  • This is a beautiful story of love and commitment. In a world where so many couples get divorced for the sake of convenience, it’s nice to read about a couple who stood by their vows (and each other) in the face of tragedy. Some of the chapters with Krickitt’s journal entries get a bit long, but over all I loved it!

  • If ever you’ve faced an overwhelming challenge, or think you’ve lost hope, this is the book for you. The Carpenters’ story is one of faith, commitment, and victory against seemingly impossible odds. I’ve recommended their book to dozens of friends and all of them have been as profoundly touched as I was by their courage. In a day when true heroes are difficult to find, the Carpenters and their trust in God shine brilliantly before mankind.

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