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New Moon

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For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is even more dangerous than Bella ever could have imagined. Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire, but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realize their troubles may be just beginning. . . .
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New Moon

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  • … Back when it was called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, literally a decade ago. Let’s think about this: girl moves to new town, finds mysterious boy who happens to be a vampire, they date against everyone’s better judgement. That’s the first book, and coincidentally (“coincidentally”?) one of the main subplots of the first season of Buffy. The temptation to suck blood having to be faced in order to save Bella’s life from poison? Angel needing the blood of a Slayer after being poisoned by Faith and having to take it from Buffy. A bit flip-flopped, but still a parallel. And now in this book, Edward abruptly breaks up with Bella and leaves town, stating that it’s “For the best.” Last few episodes of season three, anyone? Buffy starts going out with Riley, who turns out to be part of a special ops group dedicated to hunting demons, especially vampires. Bella starts spending a lot of time with Jacob, who turns out to be a sworn enemy of vampires along with the rest of his werewolf pack… are you sensing a connection?

    And it wasn’t just the plot basically being lifted from Buffy that made this book nigh unreadable. This is Bella’s first boyfriend. Supernatural or not, when your first boyfriend breaks up with you and you haven’t even been going out a year, your life is not over. You may think it is. You may pout and cry and mope… for maybe a month. Not six. I have never known anybody to get *that* depressed for *that* long over their first boyfriend, no matter how much they said they were in love. Bella wins the award for “Heroine you should never, EVER imitate,” because first off she was absolutely useless as a person. She forever had to have a man (be he werewolf, human or vampire) come rescue her from the latest scrap she got herself into, and secondly, watching her whine and thrash around in agony for literally three-hundred and fifty of the five hundred odd pages is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read. If they were real people, I’d say separation would do them a bit of good, because it is truly unhealthy to think you literally cannot live without a certain person. They’d need time to figure out who they are without each other. It also really bothered me that Bella could not mention Edward’s name without saying how absolutely beautiful he was. Every single sentence about him was coupled with that, and usually chased by her saying how klutzy or unremarkable or otherwise unworthy of her vampire boyfriend’s affections. To say it got old fast would be an understatment; it was absolutely pointless to begin with. So skip this book. It’s not even good as a sleep-aide; you end up yelling at Bella to stop being so stupid.

  • Twilight was a good read (the first time, not so much the others) so I felt compelled to pick up this one and find out how our “star-crossed” lovers were doing.

    Instantly I was launched into a story of angst and Emo! to the extreme, cardboard cutouts, and plot-lackingness abound.

    For the majority of the story all Bella does is mope around and play with another boy’s affections until Edward finally returns and it concludes with the decision of whether she is to become a vampire or not. In the end nobody goes home a better person and another long and drawn out chapter in the life of the Twilight saga has ended.

    I resisted throwing this book at the wall in disgust. Well written, my neck. On the topic of necks, I’m not betting my neck (or Bella’s) that the next one will be any better.

  • Maybe I’m being stuffy, maybe I’m out of touch now that I’m an old lady of 28. But I generally like quality young adult fantasies, and I liked the original book a lot.

    What got me about this one, like others have mentioned, was Bella’s inability to function without her boyfriend, and later without a man in general. Like Charlie told her, she’s not the first one to have gone through a break-up or have her heart broken. I wish she would have just sucked it up, gone on with her life, maybe gotten ANGRY with Edward for being such a drama queen. Instead it’s wah, wah, wah, I’ve lost everything. Even though I have a home, two parents who love me, friends who are willing to support me even though I dropped them to be with a guy…none of it means anything because my true wuv, my high school boyfriend of one year, is gone. Boo-friggin’ hoo, Bella. Her identity is so wrapped up in her boyfriend that her conscience speaks in his voice. Gag me.

    Then, naturally, the only person to pull her out of her depression is another boy, and naturally she can’t just tell him she ISN’T INTERESTED before things spin out of control. She thinks she’s ready to become a vampire, but she can’t break it off with a dude. It just bothered me.

    All that aside, I liked the parts where Bella wasn’t moping! 🙂

  • As soon as I finished reading “New Moon” I wanted nothing more than to be able to contact Stephenie Meyers (a face-to-face interview would be preferable!) and ask what the hell she was thinking when she decided to make Bella Swan such a co-dependent, pathetic excuse for a character. I mean come on, its only so obvious that many young, impressionable girls are reading the “twilight” series and (god forbid) thinking that they need a man in their life or else there’s nothing left to live for. And by the way, I know some of you are probably wondering why I’ve read not only “New Moon” but “Eclipse” as well, after writing a less than wonderful review for “Twilight” but ill get to that later. First, lets go over the basic plot of “New Moon” and ill tell you why I especially despise Bella in this book.

    At the beginning of “New Moon” Bella and Edward are happily in love (atleast as far as I can remember) until an unfortunate event happens during Bellas birthday party at the Cullens house, in which Edward realizes that his being near his dearly beloved puts her life in danger. So then…..*dramatic pause* Edward decides to leave, for Bellas own good (gasp!) and doesn’t plan on ever coming back (oh no!) and worst of all, before leaving he acts as if he hates Bella and informs her that he no longer loves her (is it really so?!) for months afterwards, Bella turns into a catatonic headcase, barely able to function without her beautiful Edward around. She can’t eat, can’t listen to music, and can’t even watch TV because something on it might remind her of Edward. (Rolls eyes) she makes pretty much no effort whatsoever to help herself and let her friends cheer her up, and she might have never recovered if not for….Jacob Black. Jacob Black, aka the werewolf (by the way, werewolves are enemies with the vampires which I just had to mention because I love how Bellas future best friend happens to be an enemy of the love of her life) Bella starts hanging out with Jacob more, and slowly starts to complain a little less about the “massive hole in her chest”….etc etc (skip ahead to the best parts) but of course Bella can’t get Edward out of her head, especially when she realizes that she hears his voice when she is in danger, so then what does she do? Starts purposefully putting herself in ridiculously unecessary dangerous situation, even practically committing suicide just so she can hear his voice. Of course, the vampires find out and Alice Cullen informs Bella that Edward thinks that she is dead and so he decides that he no longer has a reason to live and decides to pay a little visit to Italy, in hopes that the volturi will play a role in ending his life as a vampire. So of course Bella immediately hops on a plane to Italy, and of course gets there just in time to save Edward. And then of course he ends up going back with Bella, realizing that he can’t bear to live without her….blah, blah, blah! (Oh and I do love Edward, atleast until I read Eclipse, so I’m not trying to diss him I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his dramatics in this book)

    Ok, so now that I’ve finished with my summary of the book, here are some more things I’d like to add. Feel free to stop reading at anytime, really as I’m aware that I’ve written quite a lot already and I’m sure much of what I’ve said has probably angered many of you twilighters.

    first, let me start off by saying that I did understand Bellas depression in this book (I just can’t believe the extremes that she took it to) after all, I’m 19 and I’ve had my heartbroken before. But come, practically going into a catatonic state for not just weeks, but months and months, because your boyfriend left you? (And yes I understand that its definitely not easy to get over someone, especially someone that you love. I know this takes quite a bit of time) and not even being able to watch TV? And not being able to function in general, until another guy comes along? (Yep another great message there, girls: remember that having a man in your life is the only thing that will make you happy!) and seriously… are we really supposed to believe that Edward no longer loves Bella? And better yet, are we really supposed to believe that Bella really believes that Edward no longer loves her? Please. And worst of all is the fact that Bella was intentionally hurting herself in order to simply hear Edwards voice. Yet ANOTHER great message for young girls (missing your man? go jump off a cliff and commit suicide and hopefully that’ll get his attention! Life without him isn’t worth living anyway!) and then there’s the extreme and completely unecessary drama of Edward deciding to end his life over Bella, and Bella getting there just in time (but of course) to save his life! Now, I know I may be making a huge deal out of nothing, seeing as how this is just a book, but there are many books out there in which the characters go through so much worse (I.E. Losing a loved one to death or something of the nature) and none of them act half as bad and self-pitying as Bella Swan. Someone needs to give her a swift slap to the face and tell her to wake up and smell the sunshine and inform her that having a man isn’t the most important thing in the world. Perhaps somebody should inform Mrs. Meyers about this as well. A bit harsh? Maybe, but reading these books just made me realize how much I hate reading about female characters with no backbone whatsoever. And really, I have nothing against Stephenie Meyers so don’t get me wrong. I think she could be a very talented writer if she wanted to be (after all, I haven’t met one person who has never heard of her book series) but I just don’t agree with the way she portrays Bella (as you can tell) and I don’t like the kind of message young girls will get because of that.

    And as I said, yes its true that I didn’t like “twilight” and had no intention of finishing it, but my sister (who is a huge fan by the way) didn’t understand how I couldn’t like these books, and persuaded me to atleast finish the first one. So I did, and I came to the conclusion that the second half of the book was only slightly more interesting than the first. And was I the only one rooting for that vampire to kill Bella? And yes, even despite my dislike for “twilight” I still decided to read “new moon” because you know what I realized? These books are like a bad soap opera, something you don’t necessarily like, but can’t help but get caught up in it all, if only to laugh and say to yourself “seriously, why does everyone love this so much?”

    And just one more thing I’d like to add. I don’t necessarily dislike “twilight” overall. Atleast not the idea of it. After all I like the cullen family, and the volturi are actually pretty interesting. I just think that Stephenie needs to make some HUGE changes with Bella (if only!) and add some events of actual interest to the pages of “twilight” (instead of just Bella describing how beautiful Edward is every other paragraph) and then maybe ill have some nicer things to say about it all.

  • There are already alot of reviews for this book, but here’s one more for you.

    I bought it on a whim. I did not like “Twilight” – I thought it was poorly written. It had a romance that had no real flare or reason behind it, the heroine had a brain full of marbles. And there was the ridiculous stuff – vampires playing baseball, glittering in daylight, etc.

    Why did I get “New Moon” then? Because it was at Wal Mart and I had run out of books and it was literally the only thing that seemed interesting. I wasn’t completely revulsed by “Twilight” so I thought I’d give her vampire world another chance.

    And she blew it. The breakup was ridiculous. Bella leading Jake around as she did was irresponsible and completely horrible. Of course she was hurting him and she knew it and did not care. Bella is a selfish character in general, and a delusional one at that. Despite the fact that Jake cared about her, she kept using him to force herself into more “dangerous” situations so she could “break her promise” and “even the score” to counter the promise that her vampire wannabe lover did not keep (that she supposed anyway). So “dangerous” motorcycle riding (oh shock, that’s the worst you can think of?) and cliff jumping come into play so she could hear Edward’s voice (it came to her only to warn her of doing stupid things, which of course, made her want to do even more stupid things).

    Trying to get into a situation with some potentially dangerous strangers hanging out in front of a bar, while she was out walking in a dangerous area WITH HER FRIEND was even worse. Just so she could hear that voice and get her delusion fix. They could have been attacked, raped, or worse.

    The book gets stupider, just as Bella does. Her relationship with her father makes her seem more like a 12 year old than an 18 year old legal adult. Through it all I think the most disgusting part was this: Throughout the whole entire book – Bella is begging to become a vampire like Edward so they can be together forever (she is afraid Edward will leave her once she’s over the age of 20 or something since he is “forever 17” and as long as she’s human she will still age). She manages to make a deal with “The Family” regarding the future state of her mortality after a particular set of circumstances. This makes future issues become nonissues. Edward is against this but says that he would help her along her road to immortality if she would marry him first.

    Which she won’t commit to.


    You are willing to be bitten and changed by vampires to become an unsleeping, glittery-in-the-sun blood sucker for the rest of ETERNITY, and leave your parents and friends to rot and suffer without you, but you will NOT agree to marry the man that you *kept trying to kill yourself over just so you could hear his voice after he had faux dumped you?*. The one you absolutely cannot live without? Who gives you that freakin HOLE in your soul that we had to read about ten billion times while she ignored her friends and wallowed in self pity. The heck?

    I know the author may be trying to discourage young marriages, but that just smacks of ridiculousness. I have no problems suspending disbelief for good fantasy takes on reality but its things like this that just blow it right out of context. It’s also strange how attached she is to these people. When her vampire-friend Alice showed up, she was hanging on to her so hard and being so obsessive and overflowing with love that I thought they would end up being a same sex couple before the book was over.

    In short “New Moon” is implausible, ridiculous, emo in the whiniest way, and finishes with a clunking thud. Character development is nonexistant, there is no sensual spark between Edward and Bella – just a creepy obsession, and thus leaves no reason left to read it. Yet, I’m sure there are zillions out there that lap this up like its the best thing since sliced bread.

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