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Stilnox For Sale

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Stilnox For Sale, This book provides a foundation for students, teachers, families, and service providers who work with persons with moderate and severe disabilities.  The book reviews classic articles that provide a foundation for best practices, describes the evolution of practices over time, and demonstrates how best practices are built on a strong research base.  Activities and performance-based assessments throughout the text allow the reader to demonstrate understanding of key concepts, appropriate prog...

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  • Lindsay Shay Honaker says:

    Review by Lindsay Shay Honaker for Moderate and Severe Disabilities: A Foundational Approach
    This a great textbook and I stress the word great. The textbook offers guidence in defining terms, working with families, and facilitating futures for individuals who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe disabilities. Teachers and future teachers of the special education field will find everthing they need to know. The information presented is clear and understandable which is a relief, compared to various other textbooks.

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