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May You Have an Interesting Wife!: A story of disability, love and world travel

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Bonnie is a spunky Chinese American woman who already has a good start on her goal of visiting 100 countries when she is injured while traveling the world, becoming a paraplegic. Five years after the accident, she meets Michael, who is shy but also a world traveler. Bonnie and Michael find they have many things in common, with Bonnie especially intrigued by Michael just having returned from Saudi Arabia. They marry and together they continue to pursue Bonnie‚Äôs goal of visiting 100 countries…

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May You Have an Interesting Wife!: A story of disability, love and world travel

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  • This is an extraordinary story of heroism and love. The central figure is a vibrant character who loved life and wanted to know and understand as much of it as she could. Her childhood and years of growing up as a first-generation Chinese American in the United States were themselves remarkable, marked by sacrifice and great achievement on the part both of herself and her parents.

    As a young woman, she became a world traveler, visiting Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Her tours of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and India are noteworthy. In India she visited Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Kashmir, and Amritsar, site of the magnificent Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs.

    Through a cruel twist of fate, she suffered a terrible accident in her second trip to Mexico, in 1978, and became a paraplegic. She did not give in to despair, however, but continued to live a full life. Following the accident, she met and married her husband, a Caucasian American of varied European ancestry. The title of this book, (‘May You Have an Interesting Wife! A Story of Disability, Love, and World Travel’) which was written by her husband, himself a remarkable character in terms of personality and professional achievement, provides clues to the depth and beauty of the married relationship.

    The book has been written in an informal and free-flowing style, and is a great read. It contains critically important information for anyone who suffers a serious accident and is faced with the daunting tasks of continuing with her or his life in a full and rich way. It is also a vitally important work for anyone concerned with that greatest of challenges in the modern world – the full, final, and sane resolution of the race problem.

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