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Learning Disabilities

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This work, while written by an academician, is an uncomplicated resource of information that will serve as a quick study for parents who have been introduced to the concept of special education for the firs time. While students and professionals may find this information controversial, they too may gain some insight into environmental influences upon learning that may serve them well during the assessment process. Part I is an introduction to the environmental in… More >>

Learning Disabilities

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  • Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    4 the LOVE of BOOKS: My review of Learning Disabilities by Etta K …

    This book is a wonderful book for those that have a child with a learning disability or have an LD child in your classroom. When I saw this book the teacher’s heart in me knew I wanted to read it. I substituted for a year in EMH classrooms (pre-school and elementary levels) and it was there that my heart went out to special education.

    In her book Brown helps the reader understand what it means to have a learning disability. It isn’t that the child can’t learn; just that they need some special accommodations to make the learning happen.

    Part I of her book was written to help the reader understand the causes of learning disabilities. Part II of this book helps the reader understand the path to take in getting the process underway. Part III takes the reader into the steps it takes to get the child identified as learning disabled. This information will help the parent in getting the appropriate education for their child.

    This book was written with the simplest person in mind. There are no big lengthy words; it is written in layman terms, very easy to read and understand. It is a very well laid out book. Each chapter states facts, telling what it means by way of the learner and then very simply explains what is to be done. It is a very good book to have at your finger tips if you are involved in any part of a LD case, parent or teacher. It will remain in my library. I highly recommend it if you feel you child may have some learning difficulties.

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