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I Can, Can You?

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Babies and toddlers with Down syndrome, like all young children, want to discover their world and take on new experiences. I CAN, CAN YOU? is a delightful board book full of babies and toddlers with Down syndrome going about the business of their lives. Presented in crisp, uncluttered, full-color photographs, these children swim, take a bottle, share, eat spaghetti, laugh, play in the park, and more…looking adorable while doing it! I CAN, CAN YOU? is the perfect book for parents and children…

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  • Oleanna says:

    Review by Oleanna for I Can, Can You?
    What a find! With the limited choice of books available in which children who happen to have Down syndrome are depicted in normal, everyday experiences, encountering such an appealing little keeper as I Can, Can You? is heartening.

    Pitzer’s sturdy, colorful photographic board book with rounded corners is about 5×7 inches, perfectly sized for lap sharing or independent holding. It features fifteen adorable babies and toddlers with Down syndrome, not just posing, but captured as they concentrate on real-life activities.

    Most of the children are caucasian. One is of Asian and one of African descent. The photos are clear and expressive, one to a page. The repetitive text is simple and positive: `I can [whatever designated activity]! Can you?’ (play patty cake, play with blocks, feed myself, take a bath, go down a slide, swim, draw, find my feet, learn sign language, play by myself, share, smile, play ball, discover my world.)

    Unspoken `bet you can too’ encouragement comes through loud and clear in this pleasant, engaging infant/toddler book with a friendly tone.

  • Jill Accarpio says:

    Review by Jill Accarpio for I Can, Can You?
    My 17 month old daughter with Down syndrome adores this book. She enjoys answering every page when it asks “can you?” She gets very excited by the pictures of the babies/toddlers and frequently kisses the pages. I believe that some day we will use this book that she is so attached to begin talking to her about Down syndrome.

    We love it so much we bought ten copies and donated them to the local NICU where my daughter stayed and the social worker is giving them to babies who are born there with Down syndrome.

  • Midwest Book Review says:

    Review by Midwest Book Review for I Can, Can You?
    I Can, Can You? is a board book featuring bright color photographs of babies and toddlers with Down syndrome, exploring the world and sharing new experiences. Playing tee-ball, learning sign language, drawing, finding one’s feet, each activity is happily related in a phrase “I can… can you?” A simple and jubilant read-aloud experience to share with the very young.

  • Grace says:

    Review by Grace for I Can, Can You?
    I really liked this book, It was great to see such a variety of children with Down Syndrome. We were looking for books that included children with Down Syndrome, but did not ever actually say they had it. It was nice to see so many children doing the different things

  • Delores says:

    Review by Delores for I Can, Can You?
    I’m not sure why, but our little 4-year old neighbour boy who has Down Syndrome loves this book and only this book. Actually, this copy is a replacement for his first copy which he wore out. What better review can a book have?

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