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Hunting for Hidden Gold

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The Hardy boys’ search for stolen gold leads them to an abandoned mine where, in the depths of the earth, they are attacked by outlaws…. More >>

Hunting for Hidden Gold

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  • Hardy Boys, Hunting for Hidden Gold is one of the best books I have read in my life. It combines mystery, adventure, and suspense all crammed in one book. The Hardy Boys series is a really great series. I usually don’t like mystery books but this one is really good.Unlike some books that have boring parts. Hunting for Hidden Gold doesn’t have any boring parts. That is very good. I really don’t like parts where they just talk and talk about boring things that don’t interest me. The Hardy Boys have been around for awhile and people still read them. Hardy Boys can be read by all ages. it is not really hard to read. In the whole Hardy Boys series there are 58 books. I am looking forward to reading more books from the series. Hunting for Hidden Gold is a sort of long book. It is about 150 pages long. That is not too long but it is not very short either. Since it is long, it gets lots of action in it. If it was any longer, it would have some boring parts in it. In conclusion, this book deserves five stars.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • At last the Joe and Frank Hardy and their father Fenton get away from Bayport for a mystery. I always thought Bayport must not be a very safe place with all the crime that seems to occur there. Anyway, the boys are wandering around in the fog near Bayport when they encounter an old man who was accidentally shot by hunters. The boys learn that the old man is Mike Onslow, who the boys were seeking because of his knowledge of the Lucky Lode area in Montana. Their father is chasing criminals in the area and he was hoping that Mike could provide information about where the crooks could be holed up.

    Mike tells the boys about his time in that area as a gold miner. Mike and three other miners were getting ready to leave their claim when Black Pepper and his gang jumped them. One of the miners, Bart Dawson, had a plane nearby with the gold already on board. Bart slipped away and took off. When Black Pepper and his men followed Bart, the other three miners escaped from the cabin. The miners were supposed to meet up later to split the gold. However, Bart Dawson disappeared. Mike then drew the boys a map of the area.

    The boys travel to Montana through Chicago. In Chicago, men posing as their father’s associates kidnap them. After a harrowing escape and stupid actions on the part of the kidnappers, the boys were able to continue on their journey.

    In Montana it appears their adversaries are ruthless, and their adversaries attempt numerous times to stop the Hardys from investigating their activities, including trying to kill the Hardy boys and their father. As the story proceeds, we learn that there may be someone telling the criminals about the Hardys’ plans. Who can the Hardys trust? The boys also fend off assassins, a fall from a cliff, and a cave-in in their most harrowing adventure yet. All the while the boys and their father must discover the hideout of the criminals, and, as you have already guessed, where the gold from the plane is located and what happened to Bart Dawson.

    The Hardy Boys face many mysteries and yet the author managed to clearly explain how the mysteries did or did not relate to each other. Each of the first five Hardy Boys mysteries were quick, enjoyable reads, and I would recommend them for children in the age range of about eight through whatever age the series holds their interest.

    Though the Hardy Boys series is written in a relatively archaic fashion, as reading material for an increasingly younger audience they are excellent. The stories were once recommended for children ages 10 to 14. As children are exposed to more violence and seem to require greater levels of stimulation, the recommended age range has move to 9 to 12. I think any child capable of reading some of the challenging words in these books will enjoy them, regardless of how tame most of the action may be. Once a child has reached age 12 or so the stories may be of less interest, but given the combination of mystery and action, these books remain good safe choices for parents who want to know what their children are reading.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  • This review concerns the 1928 edition. When Fenton Hardy is injured during a case, he asks Frank and Joe to join him in Montana to find some stolen gold. I’d more accurately give the book 4.5 stars. The mystery was great, with plenty of action and the book was well-written; however, the book is half over before Frank and Joe finally reach Montana and I found that this was too long. Also, while it was good to see Frank And Joe singlehandedly catch the criminals for a change, unlike the first four books, it seemed a little too simple. But, still, it was an enjoyable book; well worth reading.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Recommendation – This book is an exciting thrill packed mystery novel. I recommend this book to anyone 13 years or older. It contains thrills, suspense, and many unpredictable close calls. If you are adventurous this book will hold your interest. “She may drown” Frank thought fearfully. The boys were very adventurous and brave to swim after the drowning animals. Another reason would be that the Hardy boys are heroes. “Look out!” Frank cried out. He grabbed Joe’s arm and both boys leaped ahead in the nick of time. No matter difficult the situation, they never get hurt. They always come out the good guys. The Hardy boys think over each clue carefully so they out smart everyone. In conclusion, if you like a mystery novel where the main characters end up heroes, read this book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • This review is of the 1963 Revised Version of “Hunting for Hidden Gold”. The first 38 titles in the series were revised over the course of 15 years (some with minor changes, others were completely re-written). “Hunting for Hidden Gold” is the fifth Hardy Boys mystery. This edition is said to be drastically altered from the original. What this means, according to the Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page, is that the text and plot have both been changed.

    Frank and Joe Hardy become involved in another mystery when their father calls them out west to help with a case. They are searching for a gang that is involved in robbery, and even on the way out west, they are kidnapped and attacked and it is only with great luck that they even are able to meet up with their father. They find him hurt badly, but begin the investigation on their own and learn about a mystery about gold that was stolen from a prospector years ago. Can the brothers keep out of harm’s way long enough to solve the case?

    “Hunting for Hidden Gold” is another solid offering in the Hardy Boys series, though I would not say this is one of the best. It is a bit of an adventure story and it gives the sense of really being out west (as opposed to a story set in Bayport). There is a definite sense of place in this book. As usual, this book is recommended for kids of all ages (even the 25 year old kid).

    -Joe Sherry
    Rating: 4 / 5

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