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Growing Up With Joey: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Disability and Her Family’s Triumph

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An emotional rollercoaster ride which gives the reader an inside view of the needs, the stresses, and the celebrations of caring and planning for a child with severely involved cerebral palsy, and a rare form of epilepsy…. More >>

Growing Up With Joey: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Disability and Her Family’s Triumph

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  • In addition to being a parent, I am also a Clinical Psychologist who was Director of the Divsion of Pediatric Psychologist within the Dept. of Pediatrics at a major teaching hospital for over 17 years. Ms. Papazian’s book is beyond examplary! She shares with the reader not only her personal experiences in the raising of her son with special needs but also the impact that this has on her other children and her marriage. She candidly expresses her experiences with various sub-specialties of Medicine and Developmental Psychology as well as her own personal experiences of what she and her family shared and witnessed first hand at various Hospital Emergency Rooms; sharing most honestly her own interactions with the various staff members who came into contact with her son. This book is a MUST for every parent and professional who ever has any interaction with any ‘helping’ professional. I highly recommend it to everyone; parents of all children as well as professionals who work with children and their parents. Excellent fund of information that is most valuable to all of us!

  • Sandy Papazian has written a book that truly is a MUST HAVE in everyone’s library! The book clearly documents the various physical as well as psychological stages and coping mechanisms that each member of a famly of the identified patient: Joey goes through…everyone ‘grows up with Joey.’ The encounters, impediments , frustrations that each of the family members faces are so intricately detailed that the reader often feels that he or she is right there in the Emergency Room with Joey and his doctors. A family’s coping mechanisms for effectively interacting with the members of the ‘health care’ community are clearly documented. Whatever ‘disability’ a child may have, whether it be emotional/psychological or physical/organic; the resulting impact on his family is one that is so powerful. How this impact can effect a primary family, even the extended family dynamic is beautifully detailed with anectodes that allow readers to develop their own effective coping mechanisms for not only ‘growing up with …’ but growing up HEALTHY with their special needs youngster. Once again, I urge you to read this book and share it with all your friends, whether they have a special needs member of their family or not, this is a MUST reading for all families!

  • Sandy Papazian has achieved what most writers can only dream of. She’s managed to tell a tragic and compelling personal story in a most entertaining and affecting way, while at the same time never flinching from the sometimes difficult truths that confronted her family after the birth of their youngest son, Joey.
    Anyone who ever had their faith shattered, their beliefs questioned, their strength drained, their hopes challenged…should read and learn from this magnificent story. Joey’s story may seem, at first, only relatable to those who have family members wth handicaps…but in reading her book, we soon learn that we all have handicaps of one sort or another…and it is how we learn to deal with them that determines the fabric of our lives. In “Growing Up with Joey”, Sandy has found a way to define and extract the most beautiful qualities on earth from the most tragic and terrifying of circumstances.
    …If you are not transformed into a better person by reading this book, then there is little hope for you to begin with. Don’t miss it.

  • This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the difficulties facing a child with multiple disabilities and the problems families face in doing what they think is best for the child. This is a beautifully written book by a woman who knows the subject matter because she has lived it….I am CEO of a social services organization and I have not read a more inspiring book on this subject….I give it two thumbs up….Garrison Smith, CEO, Wabash Valley Human Services……

  • As a professional screenwriter, I am always looking for books that have compelling stories and dynamic relationships. Those that not only touch you in profound ways, but that stay with you long after the read. “Growing Up With Joey,” does just that. Ms. Papazian’s account of bringing up her handicapped son, amidst the pain and confusion of parenthood, is as mind boggling as it is inspiring. Having worked on projects that involve the mentally handicapped, I have done extensive research in the field. Until now, I had yet to come across a story filled with so much honesty. Honesty that transcends marriage, family, the work place and social consciousness. Ms. Papazian’s attention to detail, not only in the day to day struggle of bringing up her son, but in the myriad of ways that struggle impacted every facet of her life, is something at which to marvel and, more importantly, something from which we can learn. The path is as long as it is difficult. It’s filled with frustration, uncertainty and despair. But it’s paved with love. This book is certain to bring Ms. Papazian critical acclaim and should be read by parent, spouse, sibling, teacher, student and child.

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