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Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization: Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films

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Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization is a comprehensive volume on analytical techniques used in materials science for the characterization of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. This flagship volume in the Materials Characterization Series is a unique, stand-alone reference for materials science practitioners, process engineers, students and anyone with a need to know about the capabilities available in materials analysis. An encyclopedia of 50 concise arti… More >>

Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization: Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films

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  • I purchased the book to help me better understand materials characterization for semiconductors. The book covers 50 materials characterization techniques, each of which is summarized in a single page at the beginning of the book. The book is then divided chapter by chapter for imaging techniques, electron beam instruments, diffractions, electron/x ray emission, visible, vibrational spectroscopies, ion scattering and mass spectroscopies, each written by an expert in the field.

    Although the chapters follow a similar format, some of them lack important aspects of characterization: Some chapter may not give adequate examples of a typical spectra, or others may be short on instrumentation. Because of the limit of space given for each characterization method, the authors had to balance width with depth, and the scale sometimes tipped to width. Notwithstanding the shortcomings of the book, it has been extremely useful to understand the basics of each characterization method, thus I gave it a 4 star rating.

    I am also reading a related book “Scanning Electron Microscopy and X ray Microanalysis” by Goldstein, a book on SEM related techniques, and finding that the book has excellent width and depth, and very clear in its presentation

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