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Disability, Society, and the Individual

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This unique book provides a broad, comprehensive examination of the experience of disability. Its content focuses on definitions of disability, societal response to people with disabilities, and the experience of disability from the perspectives of individuals with a disability and society. It is organized around broad themes as opposed to disability categories. With an engaging writing style and completely updated extensive references, DISABILITY, SOCIETY, and the Individual prepares the reader…

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    Review by for Disability, Society, and the Individual
    In her book “Disability, Society, and the Individual,” Julie Smart grapples with the definition of disability, its complications, implications, and the role it plays in society. The author touches on a broad range of disabilities, both physical and psychological. In defining disability, Smart clearly differentiates disadvantages from disability. Insight from several disabled people is included to give readers a first person perspective. The author goes into detail about legislation relating to the disabled, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signed into effect by George Bush in 1990. The ADA has facilitated the access of people with disabilities into many aspects of public life. She mentions that it has also inspired several advances in current technology, assisting even those without disability. The purpose of this book is to introduce readers to how the viewpoints from society and a person with a disability are related. This book provides an introduction to this complex, but important topic. The first two chapters are about defining disabilities, the models of disability, and also list six reasons why there are more disabilities today then ever before. Chapters three through six are about sources of prejudices, effects of discrimination, and examples of these effects. Chapters seven through nine discuss the amount of severity, degree of visibility, the presence of chronic pain, and the stigma and prejudice, and how that affects the individuals with disabilities. Disability is a multifaceted topic, and people need to be more aware of its dimensions. This book is a good starting point.

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